The incredible, edible… Pea?

Oh my, how diverse peas are! First (if memory recalls) Hampton Creek used pea protein for their Just Mayo.

We use frozen peas in our version of guacamole.

Peas add a splash of color as well as an explosion of flavor to nearly every savory dish.

And now (drum roll please), Veg News reports a company called Puris has developed a product made with pea starch designed to replace gelatin in gummy candies.

“Pea starch has an interesting functionality,” PURIS President Tyler Lorenzen told NutraIngredients-USA. “We have shown that it could replace the gelatin in a gummy…now we have shown that we can replace the pectin used in gummies as well.”

How cool, eh? As someone who enjoys an occasional sweet treat, it’ll be fun to give these little gems a whirl!


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