The 5 Biggest Myths About A Vegetarian Diet

As always there are people trying to say that we shouldn’t be vegetarian, and usually they are wrong.  Here are 5 of those myths… 🙂

There are a lot of good reasons to eliminate meat from your diet. Vegetarian diets are better for the environment, less carcinogenic, and result in better health outcomes for those that follow them. Any plant eater knows this, and the vegetarians I know happily stick to their diet regime without a second thought.

However, certain objections to ditching meat routinely come up. And most of them are junk. You could fill a book with all the non-sensical reasons I’ve heard over the years from people who are certain that being a vegetarian is a bad idea. Some are convinced you’ll be forced to deprive your body of certain nutrients, or that eating plants means subjecting yourself to a prolonged starvation.

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