Target now offers “Meatless Meat”

Hmmm… I just ran across this fascinating article.

The Simply Balanced brand introduced four flavors, which include Teriyaki “chicken”, Mushroom Miso “turkey”, Korean Barbeque “chicken” and Smokey Chipotle “chicken.” All four mouth-watering flavors can be found in the frozen foods section of Target and run for $3.99 a bag.

I wonder how many servings are included in each bag. Each bag appears to hold nine ounces of “meat” so we’re talking a little under eight dollars per pound.

So next time you’re feeling a little adventurous, head on over to Target and pick up a bag of these tasty meals. Not only are they a (arguably) healthier alternative to meat, but they are cheaper as well. Shake things up a bit and give these babies a try. If they’re not your thing, at least you tried something new!

Last I checked, poultry products don’t cost eight bucks a pound so this product doesn’t appear to be cheaper.

We’ve been playing with making our own seitan chicken and last I checked we got three 923 gram roasts (around two pounds) for around seven dollars. Plus the recipe we use is drop dead FABULOUS, easy, and quite fun.

That said, I’ll have to check to see if our local Target has these little gems in stock. If they do, I’m checking ingredients and will report back here.

Onward and upward. — Beth 🙂


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