Tainted seafood reaching U.S., experts say – Health – Food safety – msnbc.com

Blech…. here’s another reason to not eat seafood… also just a FYI, most meat products have at least some of this going on.

Filthy seafood infected with bacteria or tainted with drugs and antibiotics banned in the U.S. is finding its way onto the plates of Americans, according to state and federal officials, consumer advocates, academics and food safety experts.

via Tainted seafood reaching U.S., experts say – Health – Food safety – msnbc.com.

This article tells me that you need to know where your food is coming from, many countries don’t have laws on how you can get, move, or save your food from spoiling.  In most of these countries chemicals that are known to cause cancer, and which are banned in the US, are used on most any food products to keep insects off, keep the product from rotting, and other reasons.

In the end it’s always best to be careful on where you get your food from, home-grown is usually better (also it’s better for the economy 🙂 ) and usually fruits and vegetables are healthier than meat/dairy products, as there will be lower levels of any chemicals, which will usually be easier to wash off.

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