Poo and the Plant Based Diet

I love NutritionFacts.org. It’s an invaluable resource on so many subjects, I enjoy browsing various subjects on the site and I particularly LOVE that the vids are short, perfect for when I have five minutes (or less) to burn.

Here’s one of the latest, a subject near and dear to my heart.

When I teach a cooking class, we always talk about poo. “The poo lecture,” I call it. While I’m continually surprised at how people don’t realize that what they eat affect their poo, it’s fun to watch our cooking participants make the connection. “You’re going to poo like a trooper tomorrow,” I tell them. And sure enough, someone always contacts me the next day to say, “You were right!”

So, let’s see how the participants of this study fared in the poo department:

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