“Only one in 1,000 is “heart healthy”

Sobering, sobering, sobering. Ugh.

Heart disease is rampant. Living with a heart attack survivor has forever changed my view of what “heart healthy” constitutes. I thought we lived a heart healthy lifestyle before the heart attack, but WOW is life different now. We eat different, we spend our leisure time different, our outlook has done a 180.

Thing is, if I were to choose one of these two lifestyles, pre or post heart attack, I’d select the post heart attack life hands down. I feel better, I move better, I like life more.

Along this vein, the American Heart Association recently released a list of seven steps to follow to minimize the chances of experiencing cardiovascular disease.

Its ‘Life’s Simple Seven’ are: not smoking, being physically active, not being overweight, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, keeping blood pressure down, regulating blood sugar levels, and eating healthily.

Sadly, the number of people meeting all seven criteria was astonishingly small.

“In terms of having an optimal risk of cardiovascular disease, only one in 1,000 people is healthy.”

How do you stack up on those criteria? Check out the whole article to get more information on each aspect of the test.


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