Oh. My. Goodness. Ketosis and Spontaneous Human Combustion?


For the very first time we have a plausible model
for spontaneous human combustion, which offers a
natural metabolic explanation for this well-documented
phenomenon. The model experiments match
the descriptions of cases involving people. What are
the practical implications? First — and this is important
— do not accuse youngsters of solvent abuse, just
because they have acetone on their breath. They are
more likely to be unwell, or on a high-fat diet. Second,
if you are suffering ketosis, it might be wise to avoid
wearing synthetic fibers with the likelihood of static
sparks. Is there a reasonable chance of dying from SHC?
That can’t be right — the reported episodes have been
extremely rare so it is far too unusual to cause anyone
serious concern.

On the other hand, if you’re susceptible to ketosis,
now might be the perfect time to give up smoking.

A link to the study.

Via Dr. McDougall

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