North Pole Marathon winner is plant based

It’s a particularly difficult marathon with temps around -28c but Fiona Oakes not only won the North Pole Marathon, she broke the record by 44 minutes.


According to the Buxton Advertiser, conditions this year were the “worst in the marathon’s eighty-year history.”

Double woah. She says:

“I knew it was going to be bad but just how bad I couldn’t possibly have prepared for. Not just the consequences of running at -30 with a wind chill but for half the course through deep snow.

“I haven’t got the longest legs in the world and kept falling it was so deep as when you put your foot on it you didn’t know if it was frozen enough to take your weight.

“On one occasion I sank up to my groin, on another I fell on my hand and now have a suspected fractured thumb.

“Never mind, job done, win in the women’s race, new course record and 3rd overall. Can’t ask for any more.”

She’s competed in 26 marathons.


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