My Personal Diet List

I had a disturbing conversation with an old friend yesterday. When I told him I was down nearly 90 pounds he said, “What are you doing? Starving yourself? You know it’ll come back the minute you start eating again.”

I paused a moment, somewhat deflated, and pondered his response.

What’s different this time, I thought.

Before long I was thinking about all the stupid ways I had tried to lose weight in the past and why what I’m doing this time is different.

Here’s my personal list, feel free to add your own list in the comments section:

  1. AYDS… I tried these things in the ‘8os, unfortunate name, worked even worse. Imagine eating a caramel before every meal and thinking you’ll lose weight. I should have known better.
  2. Dexatrim… I didn’t get hungry on these things, but I sure got dizzy. Plus I got REAL hungry once I didn’t take the pills again. Lost a few pounds, gained ’em all back within days.
  3. Atkins… tried it for a week, HATED it. I stank. My breath smalled like garlic. I couldn’t poop worth a dang. Lost a little weight, REALLY wanted some fruit. I should have listened to my body.
  4. Bulimia… This one’s embarrassing. I got down to under 130 pounds by eating, then vomiting. Once I realized (duh) it wasn’t healthy, I quit. BOY did I every balloon fast once I quit. This was about the time I could no longer figure out where “full” resided. I was either stuffed or starving.
  5. Slim Fast… I never wanted something salty so bad before.
  6. The Set Point Diet… kind of like “Deal a Meal” but when I ran out of cards for the day, WATCH OUT!~! Hunger took over.
  7. Counting Calories… I hated my water popsicles. Literally, the popsicles were made of frozen water, aka ice cubes in the shape of a popsicle. I hated counting everything all the time.
  8. Counting fat grams… seriously, I hate keeping track. My math pretty much sucks, too.
  9. Weight Watchers… expensive. Time consuming. I hated the meetings, hated weighing in front of people more. I think I lasted less than a month.
  10. TOPS… this is where I discovered my “Better than Sex Cake” recipe. Needless to say, the ladies and I had a good time, didn’t lose much weight.
  11. Nutrisystem… dang near bankrupted me. Gained weight hand over fist once I entered the “real” world again.
  12. Weigh Down Workshop… yeah. Nothing like getting God entangled in this mess. Plus the knowledge that I would likely go to hell if I didn’t lose weight, no pressure there.
  13. Thin Within… Same as above except God LOVES me. Didn’t work for weight loss AT all.
  14. Thin Within, Internet version… think happy thoughts, lose weight. Ha. At least I was happier as I gained more weight.
  15. Overeaters Anonymous… I used their 3-0-1 plan. “Three meals a day, nothing in between, one day at a time.” Everyone at the meeting was not losing weight (“abstinent”), although we seemed to enjoy venting on a regular basis.
  16. Eat Right for Your Type… I was a “T!” Didn’t lose weight though. I HATE turkey sandwiches.
  17. Susan Powter… although candy corn is indeed fat free, it turns out you can’t eat candy and lose weight. Whoda thunk?
  18. The Rice Diet Report… Ugh. That’s all I’ll say.
  19. E-diet… BIG grocery bill. Little to no weight loss. Calorie restriction just doesn’t work for me. I hate hunger.
  20. Eat More Weigh Less, Dr. Dean Ornish… Hey, this one kinda worked for me. I lost weight, slowly, but I wasn’t hungry and it was a start.
  21. Breaking the Food Seduction by Dr. Neal Barnard… Wow. Things are beginning to cook now.
  22. Learning about Calorie Density thanks to the brilliant folks such as McDougall, Esselstyn, Novick, etc… Double Wow. Now I eat, I live, cravings gone, love the food, down 90 plus pounds. Turns out, it’s all about calorie density.

Man. It’s almost embarrassing to list all my failures like that! Thing is, I’m accomplished in nearly every area of my life except that one. I write, I’m published, I’m an overachiever, and… it was hard to admit I was fat.

Best part? This is the SAME program my husband used to lose 50 plus pounds seven years ago. And yes, he’s effortlessly kept it off. Peder, my partner in crime on this site, is down around 50 as well.

It’s the same heart healthy food plan Maury used to lower his cholesterol over 100 points. It’s the same healthy food billions of people world wide use to maintain their health. It’s the same plan the fastest civilization on this planet consumes to maintain their vast energy needs.

It’s incredible.

So, what’s next? I’ve got more posts planned, some specifics, plus recipes, tips, and PICTURES.

‘Til next time,

Beth 🙂

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