Mmmmmm… Potatoes!

It’s the staple food in Colombia. Peru, too (from what I hear). Yet we think they promote weight gain? Nope. Not true. Here’s a great article about how Colombians love their taters.

Colombians, as it turns out, love potatoes. There are neighborhood stores that only sell beer and potatoes, both of which you can order by phone and have delivered to your door. Potatoes are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and even the small meals in between.

While the U.S. has the rather demure-sounding National Potato Council, Colombia boasts the Federación Colombiana de Productores de Papa (The Colombian Federation of Potato Producers), or the Fedepapa for short. Spoken aloud, it can be heard as fe de papa: faith of the potato.

Click here and enjoy.

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