Is the term “milk” confusing?

Apparently not. Here’s the deal:

For quite a while, the animal dairy business has been on a campaign to ban the word “milk” from being used for anything beyond the fluid that comes out of the mammary glands of an animal.

Hence terms like “soy milk” or “hemp milk” or “oat milk” would be illegal.

“People get confused!” they claim.

Confused over what, I’m not sure.

Turns out I’m not alone. Veg News reports that a whopping 75 percent of consumers understand that plant milks don’t contain animal fluids. They say:

Between August 4 and August 6, 1,000 adults were given a list of products with items such as “whole milk,” “chocolate milk,” “nonfat milk,” “coconut milk,” “rice milk,” and “almond milk,” and given the question, “Of the products below, which do you think contains cow’s milk?” On average, 75 percent of consumers stated that the plant-based milk items on the list did not contain animal milk and a majority correctly identified product names that referred to animal-derived dairy.

How ’bout that? People can read!

A number of dairy lobby groups have urged the Food and Drug Association (FDA) to limit the use of terms such as “milk” to refer only to animal-derived products, citing consumer confusion as the overarching argument for changing labeling standards.

I guess that argument’s toast, eh? Now we wait to see what the FDA thinks of this study…


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