Is 2050 the beginning of the end?

A very sobering report from the Nature stating 2050 could be quite the watershed year. Via Naked Food:

The human population has reached 7.6 billion and could number 9 billion or 10 billion by midcentury. All those people will need to eat. A report published Wednesday in the journal Nature argues that a sustainable food system that doesn’t ravage the environment is going to require dramatic reforms, including a radical change in dietary habits.

To be specific: Meat is out, and fruits and veggies are in.

Well. That’s not great. Actually, the solution’s pretty awesome because plant based food is fantastic. Trick is, it’s weirdly difficult to persuade some people to try these incredible dishes. But, there’s this:

The 23 authors of the report, hailing from Europe, the United States, Australia and Lebanon, reviewed the many moving parts of the global food system and how they interact with the environment. The authors concluded that the current methods of producing, distributing and consuming food aren’t environmentally sustainable and that damage to the planet could make it less hospitable for human existence.

We’re somewhat surprised this news hasn’t hit all the major news outlets. But then again…

One obvious measure is a change in diets. Researchers say meat production, which includes growing food specifically to feed to livestock, is an environmentally inefficient way to generate calories for human consumption. Moreover, ruminants such as cows are prodigious producers of methane as they digest food, and methane is a potent greenhouse gas. The report says greenhouse-gas emissions from the global food system could be reduced significantly if people reduce red-meat consumption and follow a diet built around fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

(Plus, basing your diet around fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes is exceedingly healthy!)

Going plant based is one of the best decisions you can make to maintain your health, help protect the environment, and be kind to animals. It’s a win for everyone! If you don’t know where to start, be sure to sign up for updates. We’re all about keeping our plant based life simple, tasty, healthy, and sustainable. After all, the best diet is one you can enjoy and maintain forever…


Source: Naked Magazine

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