Generation Fat: Kids as young as 10 getting heart disease |

Here’s yet another reason to teach your children to eat healthy foods.

Dr Matt Sabin, co-head of the Royal Children’s Hospital weight management clinic, said Victoria’s obesity epidemic was becoming extreme.Dr Sabin said he often saw three-year-olds weighing 35kg – more than double their healthy weight – and 15-year-olds tipping the scales at up to 200kg.”We’re not talking about a little bit of extra weight, we’re talking about severely obese children,” Dr Sabin said.”It is getting worse – the numbers are not getting higher but the degree of obesity is getting worse.”

via Generation Fat: Kids as young as 10 getting heart disease |

When 10 year olds are risking heart disease, teenagers getting heart attacks…  people really need to start looking at what they’re eating.  If you eat unhealthy foods, you will be unhealthy.  In my opinion most fast food resturaunts should be used only when there is nothing healthier available.  Fast food has so much fat that it’s difficult to believe that it’s taken so long for things to get so bad, and a good number of people eat at these places three times a day, some people may even go there more than that…

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