Fast update from Beth

This fall has been nuts (ha… catch the pun?).

We just finished our ever popular cheeze-making class last weekend. It was a hoot and is especially enjoyable when we can help plant based newbies realize they don’t have to give up goodies like mac and cheese, cheezecake, cheezy bread, cracker and cheeze, etc.

We had plant based folks at the event, some lactose intolerant people, and some curious folks attending. Thinking about our students (and how happy they were tackling the cheeze buffet at the end of class) still makes me smile.

We made spreadable cheeze, slicable cheeze, melty cheeze; light, dark; sharp, mild… what a FUN day.

Be prepared for some great food pics coming up. I’m just polishing our first PBC cookbook: One Mix… 50 recipes. It’s been a long, hard pull but I had some high standards. The recipes had to be plant based, whole grain, easy, fast, and inexpensive. Oh… and they had to taste FANTASTIC. What’s taken the longest is all the local taste testers recreating each recipe and reporting. It’s like herding cats, but we’re getting ‘er done.

Finally, Peder and I really appreciate all your support. We enjoy this blog and are thankful for each person who stops by. If you throw a “hello” our way, it’s even better.

Onward and upward! Here’s to a healthy 2013!

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