Don’t tell mom that I posted this but…

Beth Before Weight LossBeth after weight lossEveryone wants to see pictures of her, after all, she’s down almost 90 pounds. I found the first picture on our old digital camera, she was tough to get pictures of because she hid whenever the camera came out. She was playing violin that day, and shortly after this picture was taken, she gave me a really dirty look.

The second picture was taken last summer, wow she’s really changed, huh?

Now that she’s lost weight, I’ve even got her to go on video and share some of our favorite recipes. We just got back from chef school and are really excited to share some of these recipes with you.

Hey, We’re giving a cooking class this month, if you live in the Willmar area, and you want to join, contact me.

Gotta go. I’ve got more pictures to dig through.


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