Do you enjoy vegan cheese?

Creamy Vegan Cheesecake

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Then this will make you ecstatic.

According to Live Kindly, General Mills has invested $40 million in the vegan dairy company Kate Hill.

For those who love cheese and milk, but want to avoid the health, environmental, and ethical complications of dairy consumption, Kite Hill fills a space. The company produces a range of plant-based yogurts, in flavors like vanilla, peach, key lime, and strawberry, as well as vegan cream cheese in chive and jalapeño flavors. Kite Hill also offers ravioli, artisanal cheese, and almond milk.

According to the article, Kite Hill will invest in expansion of both its facility as well as its line of products.

Co-founder and Chef Tal Ronnen added that Kite Hill was born out of the desire to craft “first-rate dairy alternatives”that everyone can enjoy. Ronnen said that so far, Kite Hill’s products have exceeded even the team’s expectations. He added, “Now that we are available nationwide, we want to continue to offer people the high quality, innovative products they have come to expect from us at Kite Hill. We are showing consumers just how delicious plant-based foods can be.”

You can check out their offerings at Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, Kroger, and Publix, and more.

Various surveys have noted that dairy products appear to be falling out of favor with many folks and this development will give us some great options when it comes to eating in a more ethical, healthy manner.


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