Cutting Back on Red Meat will Slash Heart Attack Risk

As the wife of a heart attack survivor, I found this article very interesting.

Data from the Nurses Health Study keeps pouring in, results are often very interesting.

Here’s the quote I loved:

“For instance, they estimate that swapping one serving of red meat per day for one serving of beans will lower a woman’s long-term heart-disease risk by about one-third. Replacing a daily serving of red meat with one of several other foods — including nuts (30 percent), fish (24 percent), chicken or other poultry (19 percent), and low-fat dairy (13 percent) — will also reduce heart-disease risk, the study found.”

Very cool!

We’re big bean eaters… whoda thunk that heart healthy fare does wonders for the waist line?

Here’s the link if you want to read more.

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