Crazy Sexy Cancer part Two

Yesterday we talked about Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer claim claim that a vegan diet can cure cancer. I’ll continue today along that same vein starting with Elaine Schattner, MD, who has this to say about Carr’s form of cancer:

As told by Mireille Silcoff in the mag­azine, EHE comes roughly in two forms: one’s aggressive and one’s not. So what the oncol­ogist at Dana Farber sug­gested – that she go about her life, and “let the cancer make the first move” – was a rea­sonable strategy, one that allowed them (patient and doctor) to find out, over time, what would be the nature of her par­ticular EHE.

Carr lucked out: She has the “good EH” as Larry David might say. So far, at least, she’s enjoyed a  pro­ductive, enter­prising  life with cancer.

Interesting, eh? She closes with this:

The danger is that readers and customers/followers may believe that her current well-being is due to her lifestyle choices. And that some people with the malignant form of EHE, whose emails she may not read, struggle with feelings of inad­e­quacy and defeat.

This whole cancer adventure has been fascinating. However, I promise we’ll get back to cooking and such real soon. After all the Pub Med tells me I can possibly prevent colon cancer from returning by…

Changing your diet and lifestyle is important. Medical research suggests that low-fat and high-fiber diets may reduce your risk of colon cancer.

But note the lack of implied promises. They don’t present any vegan magic, either. Reality is rarely definitive, but this advice mirrors that of my surgeon, RD, and oncologist. It’s good enough for me so I guess we’ll keep moving forward, eh?

I’m looking forward to some great high fiber, low fat, plant based recipes. After all, the science is quite strong for this type of diet aiding heart disease. It may (or may not) prevent cancer relapse, but heck, I’ve got nothing to lose, Plus, I just love the food. 🙂

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