Campbell’s “Regular” And “25% Less Sodium” Tomato Soup Both contain the same amount of sodium

Well well well…  Campbell is being sued over it’s condensed soups.  Apparently their “low sodium soup” with 480mg of salt doesn’t have just 25% the amount of salt as their standard soup, which has 480mg of salt…  that seems a bit closer to 100%.

Here’s a trick question: How much sodium does Campbell’s “25% less sodium” tomato soup contain compared to regular Campbell’s tomato soup? Would you believe that both contain 480 mg? And that the first one costs more? Four NJ housewives couldn’t, and a federal judge has ruled that their lawsuit against Campbell’s over what they call misleading labels can proceed.

via Lawsuit: Campbell’s “Regular” And “25% Less Sodium” Tomato Soup Both Contain 480mg Of Sodium – The Consumerist.

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They say that the ‘low sodium’ tomato soup is lower sodium than their competitors soups, which is why they’re getting in trouble now.  Usually when a company does that, they’re comparing it to their own products.

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