CalorieDensitySecrets: Full Meals DVD is out!

Here’s our first product at!

Calorie Density Secrets DVDCalorie dilute (and nutrient rich) foods do not have to be boring, bland, and tasteless as you’ll quickly discover in this delightful DVD. Freelance writer Beth Ann Erickson and Web Guru Extraordinaire Peder Erickson open their actual kitchen and share some of the recipes that helped them lose a combined total of around 150 pounds and has helped manage Maury Erickson’s post heart attack blood numbers.

Some of the recipes include:

Corn Bread
Hash Browns
Cheeze Sauce
Spring Rolls
Potato Crunchers

Oh, we almost forgot. Order your copy today and we’ll not only send it out Priority Mail so you’ll get it fast, we’ll toss in an ultra cool “healthy heart” diamond-cut gratitude stone. You can use this large (over an inch in diameter) stone to remind you of your commitment to better health. We’ll select one just for you when you order. Supplies are limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Nab your copy today and we’ll ship it out within 24 hours. Just click this secure link and you’re good to go:

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–Peder Erickson

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