As we age, heart related health costs go up

From Reuters: The American Heart Association estimates that costs linked to heart failure is expected to more than double in the next couple decades.

Sheesh. That’s terrible news. Worse yet, healthcare providers may not be able to keep up with demand. Why’s this happening?

And while U.S. rates of smoking and heart disease have fallen in recent years, the number of people with diabetes and obesity – both contributors to heart problems – have climbed and are cause for concern, AHA said.

The group, the leading U.S. advocacy organization for heart patients, said its analysis underscores the urgent need for doctors and nurses to focus on preventive care.

Focus on preventative care? Er… like a healthy diet? Exercise? Clean lifestyle?

They’re ringing my bell here.

Once someone develops heart failure, treatments can range from changing their diet and taking medications to surgery for an implantable pacemaker or defibrillator.

Well, now they lost me. Why not live a healthy lifestyle before you develop heart failure? Heck, plant based eating is delicious, easy, and costs less than the alternative.

While I’m glad they mention lifestyle in the article, I believe it’s unfortunate that the focus isn’t on prevention, but rather how to cope with the so-called inevitability of their prediction.


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