About Us

Welcome to PlantBasedChefs! I’m glad you dropped by.

So yeah… ready for a sordid story? My family and I are long time vegans, McDougallers, actually. After my DH’s heart attack back in ’03, we jumped into the plant based lifestyle with both feet. It was an amazing, heady time.

Weight melted off my entire family. We had energy to burn. Life was fabulous.

Then, in ’13, all heck broke loose. That’s when I was diagnosed with a big time case of colon cancer. (I know! Healthy vegans aren’t supposed to get cancer… at least that’s what I was led to believe.)

Luckily, I’m a “trust but verify” person and while I felt my uber-healthy food plan would help me maintain vibrant health, I knew enough to listen to my family doc when it came time for regular preventative screening.

Boy, was I surprised to awaken from that colonoscopy and discover they found a “very large” tumor in me! And yeah, it was cancer.

Imagine my chagrin when after my extended-right-hemicolectomy I couldn’t eat fiber! Fiber + Short Colon = Unspeakable Results. I’ll spare you the details…

Bottom line: the ONE tool I used to help maintain my weight was no longer available to me.

To say I was crushed would be an understatement.

But… six healthy years later (yay!), I’m beginning to be able to eat fiber. I’ve resumed my plant based lifestyle and once again… weight is melting off my frame.

It feels like coming home!

Meanwhile, despite the incredible stress of cancer, my DH has sailed through this experience while maintaining his blood numbers and without any new cardiac events. (Knock on wood!)

So, that’s our very unglamorous story. We’re excited to share our simple, inexpensive, no weird ingredient, heart healthy recipes (most are very gut friendly now, too)!

If you’re on your own plant based journey, I hope you’ll join us. We have videos, recipes, cookbooks, and more on tap. I hope you’ll join us on this incredible journey!


Beth 🙂

P.S. Hey! Betcha want to know my qualifications for this endeavor? Here’s the list:

  • I hold a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell (T. Colin Campbell Foundation)
  • I was trained as a vegan chef at the Wildwood Seventh Day Adventist Community in Tennessee
  • I earned my Wellness 101 Certificate from the Wellness Forum Health
  • I’ve worked as a Plant Based Chef serving local clients
  • I’m a Certified Food Manager licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health

What I’m not…

  • I’m not a doctor
  • I don’t play one on TV, either
  • I don’t dole out health advice. Ever. And If I happen to give a recommendation, feel free to ignore it.
  • Healthy eating is grand. But it doesn’t make you bullet proof

With that in mind, let’s have fun cooking great food, eh?

P.P.S. Lastly, I need to mention, some of the links you click may be an Amazon affiliate link. This means I’ll make a few cents if you purchase something. Of course, the Amazon price is the same whether you click my link or just head to the ‘Zon itself and conduct a search.

That said, I sure appreciate your support! It’s a cost-free way for you to help us keep our doors open. 🙂