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A Nation Of Meat Eaters: See How It All Adds Up : The Salt : NPR

Here’s a blog that has an infographic about how many resources goes into making the burger part of the hamburger… As Allison Aubrey and Dan Charles reported today on Morning Edition, meat has more of an impact on the environment … Continue reading

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This is not my New Year’s resolution | Pharyngula

We found somebody that likes Paula Deen about as much as we do!I don’t make them. But I will lose more weight this year. Out of fear. I was just at the grocery store, standing in the check-out line, which … Continue reading

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The 5 Biggest Myths About A Vegetarian Diet

As always there are people trying to say that we shouldn’t be vegetarian, and usually they are wrong.  Here are 5 of those myths… 🙂 There are a lot of good reasons to eliminate meat from your diet. Vegetarian diets … Continue reading

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The new food ‘plate’ is in!

And I’m not quite sure what to think about it yet, it’s much more simple… It doesn’t acknowledge that protein can be found, in all of the other items on the plate. Now, here’s something that’s been around for a … Continue reading

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Mac Users 80% more likely to be Vegetarian

This is a neat little article about the differences between PC and Mac users.  I, myself am in the ‘neither’ category, as I use Linux, not Mac, or Windows (Though in the more recent releases of Ubuntu… it’s starting to … Continue reading

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