Beth found her life turned upside down after her husband’s heart attack. Faced with a lifetime of living with a very ill man, she took matters into her own hands and worked to get the third member of her family as healthy as possible… fast.

Little did she know that she was about to profoundly (and we mean PROFOUNDLY) change her life forever.

Her son lost around 50 pounds, and Beth went down nearly 90. It wasn’t hard. It wasn’t complicated. It was actually fun… and this blog tells that story.

But it gets a bit more complicated. In May of 2013, Beth was diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer. After surgeons removed over 1/2 her colon, the high fiber, plant based diet became a bit more complicated. She took time off from this project, dropped her personal chef business, and quit developing new recipes so her body could take time to heal… she also had to deal with this little thing called “cancer” as well.

But, her continued passion for plant based living endured. It also expanded into other avenues, fun projects she’ll discuss on these pages.

So, today she’s back at it. After relearning how to eat during that difficult period, she’s working hard to resume her plant based life, with a number of modifications.

During that whole cancer thing, she gained around 20 pounds, learned more about nutrition than she thought possible, and is looking forward to sharing her progress with all the wonderful people who visit this space.

Onward and upward!