91 year old marathoner

What keeps him going? Plants, of course.

Runner’s World reports that Mike Freemont, a 91 year old marathoner finished the Knoxville Half Marathon in only 3:04. That’s fantastic!

The hills were horrendous, Fremont says, but he felt fine throughout the race. “I can’t run fast enough anymore to get tired,” he says of his 14-minute-mile pace.

Plus, he’s a record holder.

Fremont’s time is believed to be a single-age world record, but it falls a few minutes shy of his pending American record at the distance for the 90 to 94 age-group. He ran 2:56:26 for the half-marathon at age 90.

Fremont also holds the American and world records for the marathon in the same age group for his 6:35:47 finish at the Huntington Marathon last November (ratification pending).

He looks fantastic, trains often, and runs round 35 miles per week. He gave up meat and dairy at age 69 due to cancer. He believes the change shrank his tumor and he eventually had what was left of it surgically removed.

In the mean time, he runs and enjoys his plant based lifestyle. Kudos!


Via the Happy Herbivore

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