Calorie Density Secrets Introduction

Here is our first video, we will be making more videos, and posting them here.

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  • Cecily R. Mahoney

    Video was well done. I’m interested in more info on the calorie density thing. However, walking isn’t really an option right now, I have too much arthitis to walk very much. But I will try.

    • Hey Cecily,

      While exercise is important to keep your muscles toned, it really hasn’t had much effect on my weight loss. Honestly, to burn 100 calories takes a LOT of work. I’d rather eat calorie dilute foods and lose the majority of my weight that way.

      Great comment!

      Beth 🙂

  • Barb Johnson

    Love the video! You both look wonderful. I want to hear more! Can’t wait.
    My husband (he has had two open heart surgeries) and I are trying our best now to be more active (treadmill or outside walking) but the food thing is difficult. We’re eating less, consuming apples, chicken and little sugar.

    Tell us more. Hurry up!

    God bless you, Barb J

    • Hey Barb!

      Awesome! We just finished #2 and Peder’ll get ‘er up soon. 🙂